Determine the person you admire, think about who has most influenced your life. And then try to describe how he or she did it. If you have a task – to tell who you are passionate about, the answer to the question “who” should be short – one or two sentences. The rest of your descriptive essay should cover the description of your idol. Describe this person so that after reading your article, the reader has the impression that he or she is familiar with the character. Below is an example of a descriptive essay about a person.

In the lives of each of us, there is a person we admire. In early childhood, it may be the hero of some book or movie. In adolescence, many people often find it a real thrill for singers or actors. But what is an admiration? It is the respect and desire to follow this person. In my opinion, you can truly respect and follow those people you know personally. And the older we get, the more we begin to realize that the people we admire are quite nearby.

If anyone asks me who I admire, I will answer without hesitation – this is my mom. Yes, she is not a superstar, not an actress, not a famous politician. However, for me, she is a real heroine. My mother is a psychology teacher at a military academy. She is a very erudite woman. Having raised more than one generation of cadets, she not only provided them with the necessary knowledge and skills but also inspired a love for their homeland. Very often, guys request her not only with educational questions but also with personal problems. They tell her about their life’s difficulties and anxieties, and she always listens to everyone and will give wise life advice.

At work, my mom is an experienced teacher, and at home, she is a real housewife. I can talk about my mother’s cooking abilities for a very long time. There is always clean and cozy at our apartment – mom can create a warm family atmosphere. She is the guardian of our hearth.

My mom is my best friend. I am not afraid to trust her any secret. She will not condemn or quarrel. Only listen, support, tell me how to do the right thing.

Separately, I want to focus on the personal qualities of my mom. Her appearance is entirely in character – generous blue eyes are always filled with understanding and warmth. At the same time, we can see great life wisdom and experience. My mom is incredibly beautiful – both inside and out. She has a kind heart and a pure soul. She is the best mom, wife, and daughter.

In conclusion, I would like to add that my mom is the person I can always rely on. She is the person to whom I always first seek advice. A person I can always cry or share the joy with. She is my idol, whom I will always love and will never cease to admire.

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