Everyone has a happy place. This is a place where people come back when they want to relax and have a little rest. There is no hassle, trouble, or sadness. There is a lot of love and happiness in this place.

My favorite place is the house of my grandparents, and it is a cozy little house in the countryside. It is always warm and comfortable. My grandmother always cooks something delicious, and the grandfather does something around the house. He is always happy to help and teach me something. Love and understanding always prevail in this house. There I can hide from the weather at any time of the year. When I think of my grandparents’ house, nature around is immediately mentioned. Summer morning began with sunrise. When the birds sang, I woke up and hurried to breakfast. It was the most delicious breakfast imaginable: scented donuts from the oven, fried eggs, and fresh vegetables just out of the garden. After breakfast, I often went to help my grandfather handle housework. I remember that I was always extremely interested in spending time with my grandfather; he continually knew how to involve me and teach me something new. 

Sometimes I run to friends and each time we come up with an exciting activity for ourselves, fishing, biking, or coming up with hundreds of games. And when winter came with a short day, blizzards, and frosts, the most vivid memories were the winter holidays. When we were gathering with the whole family at my grandparents, there were always many older aunts and uncles who spoke on various topics and laughed a lot. And at the time, I always thought of having fun with other children. I remember how joyful it was to get together a big company and play snowballs or sculpt snow beans. 

The grandparents’ house has one room that I loved the most. The fireplace was heated there in the winter, and I ensconced in an extremely comfortable bed. There was such an impossibly large and soft pillow. I can’t even imagine a better pad. And I fell asleep to the sound of wood crackling. I remember that in this room, I slept like no other – always sweet and cozy. This is a place where there are no anxieties and problems, but there is love, the and most kind people.

This is the place of my dreams, and when times are difficult, I close my eyes and transfer there, and it gets better in my soul. I’m gaining strength and can move on. And what is your favorite place?

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