Writing a descriptive essay is a daunting task. Of course, to show the place, you can list one by one what is there. However, you will need to follow some simple rules to make sense of this place.

First of all, you need to tell about a place that you really know well. You have been there more than once, or it was something that surprised you so much that you will remember it for a very long time. In fact, each person has one or more places of interest, remember which one gets warm and sunny in the soul.

It is best to describe gradually, from smaller to more substantial, so you will not miss anything. Describe the things, weather, or atmosphere of this place. There are many details in each area that are memorable to you and of some special significance. Be sure to describe your feelings and emotions for the best possible picture, because the place itself is just the place. And you only remember it because you felt it at that moment. We have prepared a sample of a descriptive essay about a place.

My favorite place descriptive essay

I love traveling and have visited many beautiful places on earth: the Alps in Italy, the Empire State Building in New York, and even the Nile in Egypt. But most of all I remembered one of my first trips to Spain. Namely Empuriabrava – a small town on the edge of the coast, 100 km from Barcelona ​​. It all started when we decided to ride from Barcelona north to the Costa Brava. On our way out of Barcelona, ​​we were amazed by the beautiful scenery where the mountains connect with the ocean. These landscapes fascinated and surprised us. After driving through the mountains, we descended into a small town in the middle between two rocks. There, hundreds of tourists were choosing souvenirs, dining at restaurants, or just strolling. We soon found free parking, collected the essentials, and set out to find the beach. On the way, they found an inconspicuous but very atmospheric store, bought fruit and wine. In search of the beach, we decided to take a walk and look at nature. While we walked along this coast, the scenery was so beautiful and incredible that it was breathtaking. We have seen such landscapes only on TV. And when you see it for the first time, you will never forget it. We took many pictures, drank wine, and laughed, it was indeed one of the best and most relaxing days of my life. I will never forget this place and will definitely return there again.

It was a short expository essay of the place. We tried to put the most crucial thing there. These are our general guidelines to help you write a structured description of a place. But you can always add some other elements that are important to you in the place you have visited.

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