Descriptive Essay Type – Writing about a Place

A descriptive essay is an illustration of your unique experience of visiting a place (physically or within your imagination). This essay type differs from others. It is describing an object (a place) rather than telling your readers a story. Illustration means that you are writing about the place’s details to provide your audience with the same picture that you have.

Writing a descriptive essay about a place is very similar to drawing a picture. Instead of a pen, you use words to describe places’ details, objects, scales, colors, feelings, and emotions caused by images. It will be great if you are able to compare some place’s details to things that are familiar to your reader. The red moon resembles an orange, the lightning takes us to moments of the most important insights, the green grass looks like a carpet, and the white snow is like an empty sheet of paper waiting for you to start your descriptive essay about a place!

The aim of a descriptive essay is to achieve the same vision of a place of the author and readers. An excellent essay leaves a strong impression for your audience who have an opportunity to live this experience through words and phrases of your essay.

Tips – How to Write a Descriptive Essay Better?

The descriptive essay requires following the standard paper structure:

  • Essay title. Reflects the topic in the most engaging and beneficial way.
  • Introduction. What kind of place you are going to describe? How you’re connected to it? Have you just visited it? Alternatively, it is your memory, your imagination of an ideal place. If your essay topic is not set as a description of a real place, you can use your imagination to create the-best-ever-place that you want your readers to visit. Try to check your essay descriptive essay introduction for an attractive invitation for your audience to read more. Did you manage to make them interested in visiting your place?
  • Essay body. Describing the place details. Check the logic we recommend to choose for your place descriptive essay below.
  • Conclusion. It is an “aftertaste” that gives your essay’s readers an opportunity to remember your place and gives them a strong feeling of presence.

The introduction and the conclusion should have approximately the same size. An essay body is the largest part. If we imagine our essay divided into 5 parts, then 1/5 will be the introduction, 3/5 will be an essay body and 1/5 will be the conclusion.

Tips to choose your place descriptive essay logic:

  • From general to concrete. Express general impression on your first visit to this place. Describe concrete details to prove, explain, and add value to your first impression.
  • Describing a place through its most important objects and details that can be united in one clear picture.
  • Describing your experience of visiting a place though focusing on one object or detail. All other details are the stage or surroundings for the main object.

Tips on how to start a descriptive essay about a place:

  • Choose a place. Write down the list of places you are most familiar with.
  • Imagine the picture of your place.
  • Create a draft title. You will be able to change it when the essay is ready.
  • Record the description of the place, write it to the recording app that is able to convert words to text.
  • Create the main thesis following the recommended structure and logic.
  • Think of the main essay focus – idea or detail that you are going to bring. Write down the main points (they will be a paragraph of your descriptive essay about a place).
  • Write down the five senses of the topic description. They are sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.
  • Prepare your essay “vocabulary.” Choose words and phrases, find synonyms.
  • Create a draft. Use short sentences that link to the main topic and develop the paragraph’s idea.
  • Read the text out loud. It should sound natural. Make sure that you have “strong moments” in your descriptive essay. Don’t overdo with emotions.
  • Correct your essay text until it sounds like one complete picture.

Descriptive Essay Examples and Titles about a Place

Some ideas on the topic and examples of titles that you can use for a descriptive essay about a place:

  • My – school, house, room, another place that exists now. Choose this topic if you want to show a new way of how people see this place.
  • A (place name) of my childhood. You’re describing a place using your memories and experience with the feeling that you have now.
  • My ideal home, park, store, another place that you often imagine with new (non-existing) but interesting and exciting details.
  • If I could visit an (existing place name). It is a descriptive essay about a popular place (city, country, etc.) that you dream to visit and describe using your imagination (based on real details in your own “edition”).
  • If I visited (place in the past or in the future). If you are free to choose a descriptive essay topic, you can look in the past or future, use a concrete place and describe how you imagine it using all same five senses.

Descriptive Essay Writing Help

Descriptive Essay Writing Help

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P.S. of Descriptive Essay About a Place

A descriptive essay about a place is a unique chance and a powerful way to share your experience by “drawing a picture” for your reader with vivid words and phrases.

The best ideas are simple! The best descriptive essay tells people about things that they already know by familiar words, and in a new (fresh) way.

Give more power to your descriptive essay using metaphors. Get inspired by pictures on the internet. Read some of the famous writers who “specialize” on your topic. Do not copy to avoid plagiarism.


How do you describe a place in an essay?

Imagine a place. Choose the topic focus. Create a table for five senses – the sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. Record your voice description following the structure – introduction, body, and conclusion. Convert it to text with the application. Write down the thesis statement. Work with your thesis. Control link to the main idea and essay size (250-500 words).

How do you start a descriptive essay about a place?

Start with your connection to the place – first visit, memory, or your imagination (ideal place, some places in the past, future place). The descriptive essay about place starts with an introduction that is inviting your readers to “visit it”.

How do you describe a beautiful place?

A descriptive essay about a beautiful place should cause a feeling of beauty. The sense of “beauty” differs for people. Writing this essay, the author should involve both – personal definition of beauty and common that things people consider beautiful in certain contexts. The one will be able to prove that a chosen place is beautiful using appropriate words and phrases, sharing personal “visiting experience”. Involve all five senses. Compare the place’s details to things that are familiar to your reader.

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