To describe a person in an essay is more complicated than it might seem at first glance. In addition to the description of the person, you need to be able to convey the inner world of the hero, his or her state of mind, life values, dreams, experiences, and anything that will determine.

Choose a person you know well

You may be asked to tell about a relative, close friend, or even describe your favorite book or movie hero. One way or another, you need to know the character of your description well. If you do not have the information to do a detailed personality analysis, you can interview the person by specifying all the details. Do not think for yourself, better find out what you are interested in.

Emphasis on detail

When describing a person, you can focus mainly on appearance. However, for the enlarged picture, you will need to touch the emotional aspect as well.

You cannot afford to describe your character’s appearance, add a few words about his character, and dwell on it. You should dive into all possible details – what are the traits inherent in a person and what his actions confirm it.

Remember your favorite books – how did the author describe each character? The story could occupy several pages, on which the author filigree picked the words that most clearly conveyed all the subtleties of the nature of the hero. You should do the same in your essay. Pick up every word, plunge your character deep into the soul.

Description of appearance

Want to focus on your character’s exterior features? Then do it creatively.

“She has brown eyes, long dark hair. She is tall enough and has a dark complexion.”

“Her long dark curls fall down her face, slightly covering her pronounced cheekbones. In her deep brown eyes, you can see the unspeakable wisdom and notes of sadness. And her cheerful laughter infects everyone around.”

Do you feel the difference between the two descriptions? Both passages are about the same person. However, the first is a very dull dry story, a statement of the individual traits of the heroine. The second is much more exciting and more in-depth. Allow the reader to engage the imagination, to make up in the head the holistic image of the person you are talking about.

Human character

Do not turn your essay into a list of character traits of the person you are describing. Give a few examples from life – what human actions have most impressed you. And allow the reader to understand the nature of the person portrayed.

General structure

Remember to keep a clear structure of your essay. It must be composed of the introduction, the central part, and the conclusions. In the introductory section, draw the reader’s attention to the person who will be discussed later. Identify some of the highlights that you think are most striking. In the central part, touch other emotional aspects, connect the appearance of the person with the traits of his or her character. Tell us what a person is doing and how the environment affects his or her personality. And finally, combine all the features of the appearance and the inner world of a person to form in the imagination of the reader of the complex picture. Show how special this person is. And explain why this person has influenced you and your life. All of this will make your essay unique.

We have talked about the main points that we advise you to pay attention to when writing a descriptive essay about a person. Of course, these are general guidelines, and if you use them, you are sure to write a good and descriptive essay about a person. However, if you are having trouble writing this type of essay, you can always reach out to a professional. You can save a lot of time and effort by contacting an essay writing service. As long as specialists fulfill your task, you will be able to focus on other aspects of education.

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