We all once received a school assignment from a teacher – “Describe your room/apartment/house.” Or else we were tasked with describing a place where we dream of visiting. Many students find this task quite challenging.

First of all, keep in mind that a descriptive essay is not a story but a show. That is, skillfully picking words, you need to show the reader the full picture. After reading your essay in the imagination of the reader should appear augmented map – with all the details, nuances, features. To immerse himself in the atmosphere of the described place, the reader must engage all his receptors of perception of reality. So, our first tip:

To describe use all 5 senses: sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch

Look at the place you are describing (or remember that place). Now try to reproduce on paper everything you see (or imagine). Then pay attention to the smells – they create a unique atmosphere of the place. Listen to the sounds – what do you hear? Touch the items – what are the feelings they evoke for you? Of course, depending on the topic, some senses will help more than others. However, all these details play their part in the overall picture. Draw five columns on a separate sheet of paper for each of the five senses. Now, enter all the associations with the place described in the essay.

Your descriptive essay should have a clear structure.

General structure: how to write a descriptive essay about a place

The structure of the essay depends on the topic chosen. Your essay about a place should have some consistency. Focus on the full spectrum of your emotions that a particular place evokes. Now think of what parts your essay will consist of. Which three or five points do you plan to focus on? Usually, the first point is an introduction to a topic. The next two or three paragraphs are the descriptions itself, and the last section is the conclusions – one of the most critical steps in writing your work. Most likely, this part of your essay will be deeply engraved in the memory of the reader.

To describe the place correctly, start with something in common, and then move on to the details. Describe all features very carefully. Use as many artistic means as possible: descriptive adjectives, metaphors, comparisons. Writing a descriptive essay about a place is not just a set of dry facts and arguments. It is the use of all speech references to awaken the reader’s imagination.


When your work is completed, it needs scrutiny. Reread your essay. Try to look at it from the other side with an unbiased examination. Did you clearly state in the beginning the main point that you wanted to convey to the reader? Have you added enough details to the essay? Will your description create a presence effect for the reader? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you have done everything right.

Below, we have added a list of ideas for a descriptive essay of place that may inspire you.

Interesting ideas for descriptive essay of place

  • Description of my home: what would I like to change?
  • Description of the place where I study.
  • A place where I would run away from all the problems of life
  • The best place I’ve ever been
  • The place I remembered most from my childhood
  • Descriptive essay on the cities/countries I dream of visiting
  • Description of the most beautiful garden I have ever seen in my life
  • An essay on the place where I dream of celebrating the most significant event of my life
  • Description of the most excellent summer/winter vacation spot
  • Essay: The fascinating places in my country
  • My hometown/village

Of course, these are just a few examples of a descriptive essay we can offer you. The experts at our essay writing service have many exciting ideas of their own, or they can help to implement yours.

The main thing you need to remember is that after reading your essay, the reader should be in the right place without being physically there. This is not the most straightforward task, but it is possible.

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